Glitch In

A Game where you can glitch in and change physics. Help the character to reach the end of the levels.

PS:- This is a very early protoype made for #wowieJam2

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Windows 47 MB
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How did you make the text all floaty?


I think i broke the 5th level the plataform went through the floor lo

Oh Fish am  i high or what???
Interesting game  you got there. but  so many bugs.. I easily cleared it because of  them. ha!

Lol what the freak you did with the page. That's hilarious haha 😂


More floaty comments! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


How is this possible? Everything is all buggy. Anyway, floaty comment!


Just commenting so that I can have a floaty comment too.

If it was a category, this game would definitely win best page by a mile, this is great!

What an unstable page, hands shake when typing.  Simple game and cunning design. There is a suggestion, when the player can not pass the level for a long time, you can give some small tips on the screen

This is so cool, I have played it, its awsome, It was hard to pass all levels without alt+f4 and trying again :slight_smile: but the character graphic is so satisfying :smile:  <I finished the game, cant wait to see it scale up>

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Its great game. I LOVE YOU YOU HAD A 2D SPRITE MOVING AROUND IN A 3D WORLD (I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO THAT FOR SO LONG!) The music was AWESOME! (The FNAF MUSIC) Great game! Although, I was unable to beat the 3rd level. I cant for the life of me find out how to get around that orange box! Have a great day!

EDIT: I WAS ABLE TO MOUSE CLICK THE BOX XD. I defeated the third level.